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About Us

Welcome to the office of your change management officer, specializing in the healthcare and Medtech industries.

We are a team of experienced C-level partners with more than a decade of expertise in guiding companies through strategic, financial, and operational transformations.

As a 10-year-old company based in Switzerland, we have a deep understanding of the European market and a proven track record of success. Our services include strategy development, financial management (including fund raising and debt restructuring), operations optimization (including business development), and human talent management.

We pride ourselves on being a partner, not just a service provider, to our clients. Our team works closely with company leaders to understand their unique challenges and create tailored solutions that drive growth and improve performance.

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing healthcare and Medtech landscape, and are committed to their success. Contact us to see how we can help your organization reach its full potential.”